Artists connected to our network have the option to have their music shared on a selection of Youtube channels that are partnered with HXRT Network.From time to time we send member submitted tracks for a Youtube placement to our official partnered channels, presenting the opportunity to possibly get music featured/hosted on a partnered Youtube channel!

In a galaxy far, far away; a single panda known only as “Funky Panda”, inhabitant of the “Funky Planet”, travels through the Funky Way Galaxy searching for the best of all funky music. Join him in his adventure through time and space! Funky Panda was formed with the intention of sharing smooth funky music to the world. What once started as a simple Youtube playlist intended to share to close friends, soon flourished into a full blown channel. Now with nearly 370,000 subscribers, Funky Panda has shown the world that funky music is still, very much alive!

Real Love Music contains Future Funk, music with clear influences from the italian disco, japanese pop and french house endowing the songs under eternal loops of anime images. In this channel you will find the best way to discover new artists and songs updated regularly!

Your premium source for new and original French House, Future Funk, and other unique electronic music.

Multi-genre music channel uploading Vaporwave, Chillsynth, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Future Funk, & more!