It can be real tough to get your music heard on SoundCloud these days…
With recent updates and algorithm changes their website has been making it harder and harder for artists to grow a bigger fan base and reach listeners as more people joined SoundCloud throughout the years.

We at HXRT Network provide the solution by providing a curated support community that collectively shares music!

How it works:
We work with a system that gets you supported by supporting eachother!
Selected members will get invited to link their SoundCloud profile and connect to our network engine, allowing us to schedule reposts for approved tracks onto their page.
In return, we repost your submitted music to all the other SoundCloud profiles that are connected to the HXRT network. This way your track gets more reach and real organic exposure, which all together will help you get more plays and grow your fanbase faster on the platform.

This doesn’t mean we have acces to your SoundCloud page and we absolutely won’t spam your feed with reposts.
Here at HXRT we listen to every submission and our team of curators first has to approve on new tracks before getting scheduled for promotion/sharing.

We make sure only quality tracks go trough and spread those out, reaching the right audience at the right time!