About Us

Our network focusses on sharing great music and presents opportunity to reach a bigger audience, gain exposure and grow a bigger fanbase by getting heard on various digital platforms.

The Music

We share and promote fresh and new tracks in electronic dance music genres such as: Future Funk, Nu-Disco, French House & Anime Groove.


As an artist we believe our collective sharing principle can be beneficial in growth and helpful to you, as well as other artists in the community.
We at HXRT aim to share music targeted to the right audience!


Latest News

Heart Net Fest 2021

Heart Net Fest 2021 24th July live from the internet! • ω • Proud to announce this amazing line-up!! Streaming event hosted with Utopia District

Sound Station has joined HXRT!

We are proud to announce that Sound Station is now an officially HXRT partnered YouTube channel!This means that we will pitch and send member submissions from time to soundstation with …